Dura Proof Proudly Supports Charity

“When you reflect the influences of keeping your home dry to the quality of our lives, it helps us recognize the importance of a healthy life for everybody in our world” – Jason (Founder)

 Dura Proof strongly believes in supporting charities so was quick to offer their support to World Vision, Canada’s largest private relief and development agency. Dura Proof also supports Sick Kids Foundation, recognized as the largest charitable funders of child health research and care in Canada. Our company wants to help generate awareness of these charity names as well as on the key messages they want to clearly communicate.

 Our Impact with World Vision – (www.worldvision.ca)

World Vision is widely known as global community of people in almost 100 countries, with passion to seeing children thrive. Dura Proof proudly supports World Vision sponsoring children in various countries, providing them with education, safe water, nutritious food and health care. Children deserve to grow up free of poverty and Dura proof recognizes that our financial impact can help to improve the lives of others. Our company “refuse[s] to believe that poverty is too big or too difficult to overcome” – World Vision.

Our Impact with Sick Kids Foundation – (www.sickkidsfoundation.com)

Sick Kids Foundation is the largest fundraising organization based for the Hospital for Sick Children in Canada, dedicated to advancing children’s health through patient care. Research and education. Dura Proof proudly donates to Sick Kids Foundation helping to fund the fight for healthier children. Our company is passionate of Sick Kids vision, “Healthier Children. A Better World” – Sick Kids Foundation. We strive to be part of the journey to improve society.

Dura Proof proudly supports such worthwhile charities, being hand in hand on helping our clients solve their wet basement problems permanently in addition to help break the cycle of the difficulties families and children face in our community or another.  

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