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As part of our ongoing commitment to provide our customer with the lowest and most accurate pricing. We partner with manufacturer to produce thousands of our own Dura Proof waterproofing products.

Contractors inquiring pricing please call 1-800-804-1020 and ask for a waterproofing specialist, we carry some of the lowest price for our waterproofing products.   

Crack Injection Process

The crack will be permanently sealed from the inside with a high-pressure injection system. The process begins with a 45-degree angle, where a 3/8 hole will be drilled out to intersect the crack, from bottom to top. High density nylon injection packers with long zerks will be installed.  A mild acid/water cleansing will be performed with the zerks which remove and extract dirt, dust and/or debris. This step ensures the crack is clean, water is used to remove any residues left behind from the acid. The surface of the crack will be sealed with V groove and hydraulic cement. The issue is resolved with injection of Polyurethane Resin that will be injected through the zerks, filling the crack from bottom to top.

Safety Track System

With continuation from the crack injection, following cutting off the High density nylon injection packers and clearing any uneven surface off the foundation wall.  The concrete floor pad will be separated, along leaky foundation wall, and weeping tile is installed under the concrete floor, along with 3/4 crushed gravel to ensure proper drainage.  Dimple membrane fastening the foundation wall, draining into the weeping tile. The joint will be sealed from the existing floor by pouring in new concrete.

Internal Drainage System

Concrete floor will be broken up along foundation wall, and weeping tile will be installed under the concrete floor along with 3/4 crushed gravel to ensure drainage. The weeping tile will then be directed into a sump pump. Dimple membrane will be fasten to the foundation wall draining into weeping tiles. New Concrete will be poured in to seal joint from existing floor.

 Sump Pump

A sump pump is a small pump installed in the lowest part of a basement or crawlspace. Its job is to help keep the area under the building dry and to prevent it from flooding. Usually, sump pumps are installed in specially constructed sump pits.


Before your Dura Proof technician begins any procedures, Ontario One Call will be contacted to identify the underground utilities. Exposure of footing and weeping tiles will be identified with the process of excavation, additionally foundation walls will be cleaned with wire brush and a power wash. V groove hydraulic cement will be used. Rubberized material (Tar) along with dimple membrane will be used for the foundation wall. New weeping tiles (big-o with sock) will be installed. Additional 3/4 crushed gravel by footing to ensure extra drainage.


 Window Well Drain

When enhanced drainage is desired, a window well drain is installed, the top of which is generally beneath the top of the gravel layer. Proper window well drains are 4 inches in diameter and drain the water in the window well to the weeping tile system installed underground along the footing of the foundation walls

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